Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Body Shop: Macadamia Straightening Balm.

Straightening my hair is a part of my daily routine, sometimes it feels more like a chore. My hair is always a little frizzy, and if it's nearing the time I am due my regular trim at the hairdressers the split ends do not help. I'm always wary on using hair products as I find sometimes they leave your hair feeling like the products just stuck clinging to every strand which makes you feel like you haven't even bothered to shampoo it!

The Body Shops Macadamia Straightening Balm (£7.00 for 150ml) has been sat on my bathroom shelf for a while so after towel drying my hair I put a pea sized blob on my finger tips and rubbed it through the ends of my hair and the remaining amount through the rest of my hair. Although the bottle says for curly/wavy which my hair isn't I wanted to see how it would battle against a little after a blast with the hair dryer.

Whilst drying my hair I could still feel the product sticking and predicted the end results was going to be similar to the classic forgetting to wash the hair conditioner out. I continued to dry my hair instead of rushing to the bathroom to wash the product out. As my hair was fully dry the first thing I noticed was the straightening balm seems to have not only calmed the frizzyness but my hair seemed thicker and had more volume, this being a mega bonus as my hair is quite fine. As I said before my hair isn't naturally curly or wavy like the balm is intended for but it did stop my hair from being frizzy and I didn't really feel the need to straighten it but for the sake of really testing it for what it says on the label I flicked my GHDs on.

After using heat protection products you sometimes feel like there's a thick layer of product coming between your hair and the iron but with Macadamia Straightening Balm the straighteners glided through. My hair was left feeling soft and looking salon fresh. For me personally the best use for future use of the balm is to banish frizz so I stop putting my hair through the pain of being frazzled every day by straighteners  Fantastic product from The Body Shop! Click here to shop for it online.


  1. I went to the body shop for the first time last week
    I didn't have enough time to browse around though
    I will def have to go back and check around now

    1. It's worth a look! I need to go back for a proper browse x

  2. u've such a sweet blog;)
    let's follow each other?



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