Friday, 28 June 2013

Long time, no post!

I must apologise to my followers and readers for the lack of posts and replies lately! I've been pretty busy starting my new job at a health & beauty store over the last couple of months and on top of that there's been a lot of family stuff so I've not had time to sit down and write some decent posts. No posts is better than bad posts, right? Well anyway I promise I will get some written up asap. I've still been checking out all your blogs so don't worry you've not been forgotten about! Hope everyone's well. 


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Have I found the perfect foundation?!

Like most of you, I have tried so many drugstore foundations it's pretty ridiculous. Recently I had a clear out of my make up and had a ton of 3/4 used bottles all from the same brand and I asked myself why on earth do I keep purchasing these foundations I'm not that happy with. I guess it's just easy to be like 'oh it works alright I'll just buy this again' so I took some time to look for a foundation I thought would become my make up bags new best friend.

One thing I hated about my old foundations is after about 4-5 hours wear my skin would look shiny and it literally looked like it was sliding off my face despite the use of primer and powder! I began looking at foundations suitable for combination skin and that's when Revlon Colorstay seemed to be a perfect match as it's also a medium to full coverage foundation. I don't think I can recall ever buying anything from Revlon so I didn't have any bias opinions previous to my purchase.

Revlon Colorstay comes in formulas for normal/dry skin or combination/oily. I picked the oil free formula for combination skin after swatching Buff it seemed the perfect shade. Usually even the palest foundations I seem to try still have that dreaded tangerine tint and myself being pale but having a freckly face it's pretty hard to find a good match. On Revlon's website it claims Colorstay will last for 16 hours and your skin will still look fresh. Sounds good to me, so now see if they're telling pork pies or not.

& After

I applied Revlon Colorstay at around 6am on top of primer with a foundation brush knowing I wouldn't be in from work that day until around 12 hours later. The first thing I noticed was not the coverage or the colour but the smell. It had a slight paint smell (after a few uses I cannot smell anything at all so I don't really know why the first application did have this strange scent!). Next was obviously the coverage and how it blended on my skin and all I can say is simply amazing! I was finally blessed with a full coverage and a shade that matched my skin tone. Next up, round 3 ding ding ding.. time to test the staying power. 12 hours after application and a full day at work I must say I was impressed. I did have a little shine on my chin and forehead but it was no where near enough to feel the need that I had to re-do my foundation and something just a little powder could fix! Any cons? Well it doesn't have a pump so you'd need to buy one if you insisted on using one but to be honest I think I prefer just using a brush as it gives more control over how much you are applying.

I am really impressed with Revlon Colorstay and it will be something I will repurchase without a doubt. It retails at £12.49 which you can buy from your nearest Boots or Superdrug.

Have you tried Colorstay before? How does it compare to the likes of Mac?