Monday, 27 May 2013

Barry M's Lip Paint, Touch Of Magic.

After my last dissapointment (see review here) I decided it was time to see if BM's make up could impress me. Barry M has always been my 'go to' brand for nail polishes but I've never thought to try any other  cosmetics from the stand. Lipsticks seem to be my new favourite product recently although I have never been that bothered about them before so I am still trying to figure out which shades and tones I prefer. Barry M's touch of magic lip paint once applied is a different pink for each individual person. Yep, I said pink, even though it's a bright green bullet so don't be scared thinking you're going to look like your off to a Halloween party.

The lipstick comes on clear so be careful how much you apply as the more you put on the darker it is obviously going to go. I put quite a few layers on as I wanted to see the maximum colour it would give me, plus I was wearing it for a short 4 hour shift at work to test it's staying power. Once applied I saw the pink colour bursting onto my lips, a very bright pink with a little red tint! I did like the shade and it wouldn't be one I would usually pick so thumbs up for the magic colour change. As for the staying power, Barry M claims touch of magic lasts for 8 hours so a 4 hour shift at work seemed a fair test, right? Well. By the time I'd finished I was just left with a stain in the middle of my bottom lip and all colour had vanished!

I do really like this product but I think in future I'll only apply it when I know I can keep on top of reapplying it. Touch of Magic retails at £4.49, you can buy it from the Barry M website or your Barry M stand at your local Boots or Superdrug.


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